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most people don't like sakura, neither do i, but you gotta admit she is strong in her own way, i hate how she treats naruto and the way she treats sasuke, but look over her lying to naruto about love and nagging, she is a beautiful, smart, very strong ninja.
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@havic Yeah, man! I hated her for being so useless but I liked her little by little (THE TINIEST BIT) as I watched further. :P Don't know why, but it's like the author made her useless in the first place. -3-
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@koifries it's just like they made her talk big in the beginning and she couldn't do anything, that why I hated her
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she was a total useless bitch then and she's less useless due to "training"
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she did suck. but now she is okay, not that good but alright.
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