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My husband Deadpool has been pretty busy... Not to busy to tell me what's up and share some tacos with me.

Honey DP I missed you, what's going on?

Oh my sweet taco my motion picture will be out Feb 12th and my second movie is definitely in the talks and my buddy in time Cable will be joining me. I will try to be home Sweetie but I believe my sworn enemy T-Ray is going to show up. I hate him more than Spider-Man's cheesy jokes.

Babe, what is going on with Spider-Man and that Gwenpool stuff?

Huh, oh, Her....Gwenpool. Well, you remember Wanda, Lady Deadpool.. Well she hates her too. Myself and Wanda thought it was going to be a one shot deal but she caught on. No she is not a random kid of mine, love so don't worry. I have one... Just one. Gwenpool, is a fan of mine that takes her work serious. I can not help if people think I am great because I am great.. You know that L A. Myself and Web head have been doing some features together. It's like I'm the Uncle he did not want and I am teaching him and pissing him off at the same time. But, I know he loves the bacon. The series started earlier this month and we have three issues out already. People seem to dig that and it's pretty awesome to hang out with someone who I can turn into a super star, likes yours truly.

So, Wade the guy who does your "stunts" in Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is Hawt.. What is he up to?

First off, NO just NO... Remember I'm the hot one. Ryan is pretending to be hot like me.. With his Green Lantern Corp a$$. I mean he did make the better choice though, being me is the best thing that has happened to him. But, Since I love you and only you Lydia.... I will answer you because Ryan and I our Bros. Ryan has a few movies coming out this year, Criminal, Croods 2 and a couple of things I might have forgot about. He talks alot like me so it happens and I have ADD unless I see boobs. Like right now, I don't have ADD.. I just forgot my train of thought.

So, Wade is there anything else you would like to share with me?

I did get married to an succubus. She is cute but I don't think it is going to last. Don't get mad Sweetheart, she is my wife on paper just like you have someone beyond the 4th wall. So, this thing right here should totally not break up between us.

Wade, I'm going to call Blade

Oh don't do that babe, he is already on her ::laughs loud:: She needs me more than she knows! Ms Deadpool Wilson, I gave you that name.. So let's get comfy and watch a Telenovela while I'm in town.
Thank you Marvel Community for reading my mock chat with Wade! It was fun for jump ahead January! I would love to see what else is exciting for the Marvel Community!
This was cute I gotta say
Hahahah I really really enjoyed reading this 😀😂😂❤️ loved it 😆 you impersonated me perfectly @LAVONYORK LOL old G DP approves! 😎😎😎 lol
100% looking forward to this
Lmfao 😂 😂
y thank you my first name is actually ryan lol
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