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my parents reaction to me being born...yes..this is truth
how i felt on my first day of school...887% accurate
me when i learned to ride a bike? switch that with a middle finger and make that smile sarcastic and we got it. i can't ride a bike lol
reacting to a bday gift from my bestie: mm yes got me those Juan 11s XD
catching feelings like
how they felt when I told them: ye but their brother wanted to cut me lol
momjin and papa joonie debating on how they'll teach me about the birds and the panties
waiting for exam results:* worries but is still swag*
when i failed: *partying hard all the way to the unemployment office * : D
when i pass: *passes out and sleeps for 787792981782 days* thank Christ
my reaction to having a crush on my professor: staying after class every day for " extra credit " if you know what im saying ; )
my reaction to graduating : ye cus imma miss them extra lessons
getting a good job: wtf i should be crying tears of joy
The rest of my life.....oh ok @PrettieeEmm I've done the thing
haha I love it so funny the way you wrote the answers
@PrettieeEmm thanks lol