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I have alot of BTS I need to get more other groups lol. Enjoy pt 2 of this i really enjoyed this so I think I'll do another one later on down the road.
My parents reaction when I was born.
How I felt on the first day of school.
my reaction when I learned to ride a bike.
My reaction to getting a birthday present from my best friend.
How I felt when I got my first crush.
How my crush felt when I told him.
My reaction to my parents sitting my down for "the talk"
How I felt waiting for example results.
My reaction to failing an exam.
My reaction to passing an exam.
My reaction to having a crush on my professor.
My reaction to graduating.
My reaction to finding a good job.
The rest of my life.....
The last two bts gifs were/are sssooo me!! My word V is such a cutie! He could be a bias ruiner.
I will!! :) thank you