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I was at a hetalia shooting and thar was a lot of the 2p's. and I had to get the pic of ouran and teen titans
Then the lovely Edward sicer hand thar was a jack sparrow but he left before i asked 😢
Ps sorry some are bad I tryed to get good one but I had no room to even move
And in the ouran one I'm in black my friend took the pic when I what toking to them. Day one I cosplayed Demon ciel day2 I did 2p japan/evil japan. and lastly day3 my ass was home I stayed home my lags and hip gave out lol hope you all in joyed the pix I don't have pix of my self but trust me I will cosplay again and hope I will remember to post some of me.
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I have to say Cyborg has to be my favorite. Mainly because I have never seen anyone cosplay as him.
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