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So, I was tagged. Surprise! Thanks @PrettieeEmm So, this simple enough. 1] Open GIF folder (I made one just for this challenge) 2] Use every third GIF for these situations. 3] NO SKIPPING!! (I'm looking at you! )


Your parents reaction to you being born. I don't even. ~fwap~
How you felt on your first day of school. Ah, bare but confident.
Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike. Like a silly derp that ends up laughing at my own derpy-ness. (Okay people. Yes. I went on a JHope image hunt. It's over I swear.)
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend. No. TOP I'm not mad. The gift I got was sick, so I'm going craycray.
How you felt when you got your first crush. ... if we are always together.♥
How your crush felt when you told them. We totally hit it off. (Yay! Daesung GIFs have hit. Party time!)
Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have "the talk". ?? BangBangBang?? ?Live Performance?
How you felt waiting for your exam results. Frustrated. Or awesome. Ya.
Your reaction to failing an exam. I laugh it off. Keep smiling.
Your reaction to passing an exam. Dancing like goofball. Success is great!
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor. Let's go for this! ......NOPE!
Your reaction to graduating. I'm singing powerfully in the streets.
Your reaction to finding a good job. My swag meter is off the charts. (I'm not sorry for all the Daesung. He is my bae.)
The rest of your life. Yes. We shall Yugyeom. So aegyo for the rest if my life. Right?
Guys! You missed this one. It was one of the not ever third. This would have been awesome. I'm gonna tag my girl @Viresse You don't have to do this or you could, whatever.
@Viresse I got mine last night since i only had 3 I tend to delete mine after I use them..
*caves in* I made a folder and copied my gifs into it. Working on making the card now, lol. The things I do for Vingle... 💕
@Viresse I didn't have a folder for my gif till I went to do this. Also I seriously can't stop laughing at the Youngjae gif I used at the being. It kills me everytime.
Oh god, I don't know if I could... You know how "ocd" I am about keeping things sorted properly, lol. I don't have a gif folder, and in fact I'm surprised that so many people seem to... Though I may be able to swing it with just my GOT7 folder alone... *contemplates life*
bare but confidant haha that made me laugh.. I love that you had so much Dae and Hobi!!, :)