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Yes yes yes! Have you been waiting? Have you binged watched on Netflix... Yes I did both and I watching it now. It's my go to show when I need to sleep. Only reason it is that way is because I can mouth most of the lines. I know... That might be a Fandom all time low! Lmao Item 1 I found an Archer to my Lana on Facebook, so my inbox gets a random Archer line and I answer back as Lana. It almost makes me like a Cocain happy Pam! Just kidding but it's entertaining, even though I answer back 5 days later. Let's get to the juice folks

Season 7 of “Archer” will premiere March 31.

We finally got... We got it!
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We need Kenny loggins number now!!!! Cause we're in the danger zone
Terrible terrible pun but it needed to be said
omg yess! O(≧▽≦)O
@Jason41 lmfao it is cool Danger Zone is always accepted among the Archer fan club lol
Indeed it is 😉