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30 Day Song Challenge!!
Day 16: A song that I used to love!!! Hmmm...I like the songs I hear but when I hear it often, I temporarily hate it. I have quite a few but this song is still not my favorite. Baby by Justin Bieber! At first it was a good song but I heard it too many times which made me not like it anymore.
Day 17: A song I hear often on the radio!! Not only do I hear this song on the radio but my friends LOVE his songs so I'm surrounded by his songs! It's Fetty Wap! Songs such as "Come My Way" and "Trap Queen". The songs are a constant reminder of my friends so it's not that bad :)
Sorry for the delay (again) but my chores won't go away and my homework will keep piling up. That's my excuse this time hahaha ^^ cx @TessStevens, @ButterflyBlu, @InPlainSight
Always worth the wait
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@InPlainSight haha thank you :D
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