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*gets dragged in by ear* Well, I got tagged in this finally, lol. Thanks @TerraToyaSi I also ended up having to make a folder and copying all my gifs into it. (Rules copied from her card, lol) So, this is simple enough. 1] Open GIF folder (I made one just for this challenge) 2] Use every third GIF for these situations. 3] NO SKIPPING!! (I'm looking at you! )
Your parents reaction to you being born.
How you felt on your first day of school.
Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike.
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend.
How you felt when you got your first crush.
How your crush felt when you told them.
Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have "the talk".
How you felt waiting for your exam results.
Your reaction to failing an exam.
Your reaction to passing an exam.
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor.
Your reaction to graduating.
Your reaction to finding a good job.
The rest of your life.
And I've reached the end! *coughs* I don't know if these make the best of sense but at least there's a lot of Markgyeom! No one to tag, just do it if you feel it!