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I was tagged by @mandynoona for this one. She must like my ridiculousness I'm going to do my getting ready for work/going to work playlist. The order may vary depending on my mood.
First up is My Boo's Big Bang Bang Bang Bang If it plays more than 3 times and I'm still in the shower I'm going to be late. But it gets me moving and out of the bed. If I'm not motivated I will lay back down.
Next up my next set of Boo's BTS Dope I'm picking out clothes and getting dressed at this point. I am also reminding myself of why I'm going to work lol. I tell myself "Basically because I'm the baddest Office Manager/Trainer SF has ever seen, and I need a paycheck to support my addiction until I publish my book."
Next up Forever 12 EXO Transformer yes this is a fan made video but I like it and if it fits it's ships. By now I'm doing hair and makeup. Hence the transformation. Glasses off, contacts in and winged eyeliner is on point.
Then it's my girls 2ne1 I am the best Why? well because I am, in my mind anyway. Now I'm considering shoes at this point 3 inch or 4 inch heels. (I own 2 pairs of sneakers both to work out in) Then it's What earrings I should wear. (I have over 65 pairs of earrings to choose from because I love earrings). And when this is over I'm grabbing my purse, briefcase and yelling at my oldest it's time to go.
Then it's my love T.O.P Doom Dada 2 reasons 1 it's T.O.P 2 it let's people know I'm coming. the kids at my daughter's school know when she is coming because the bass in my truck pounds and whatever I'm playing isn't in English. She has major cool points for that.
Taeyang Ringa Linga perfect song that has me speeding unintentionally which is okay because this is Texas and the speed limits are just friendly suggestions. Plus I find myself wondering could I pull off a Mohawk like that and why can't I find a white collared shirt that's tailored so perfectly.
Teen Top Rocking puts me in a good mood no matter what. This also makes me speed and think to myself it's a younger version of Shinhwa.
Bastarz Zero for Conduct I'm pulling into work by now reminding myself, be nice to that lady who you can't stand because she is a "stupid dummy" and you can't help her. So just be the awesome you that you are. I swear I would slap-chop her in the throat but that's not nice and I'm a nice person. Another big bass song that let's people know I'm coming.
My theme song G Dragon One of a Kind There is no explanation needed. After reading these cards I'm sure you can figure it out. So now that I'm done it's your turn @lilbr0wneyes @josalynnstyles @VixenViVi @HuonTreeRoo HAVE FUN!!!!
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I love how you plan your playlist based on each step through your day. definite cool points indeed. 😉