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All the boys were quiet, waiting for the manager to say something. "We received a list of rules for you boys concerning y/n. We were told to add a few if we think it is necessary. Over time, some rules will be removed or added." He passed a paper to everyone including me and the boys. "Rules that the facility gave us, first. Show your real self to her, you are not being filmed so be yourself. Be kind to her, teasing is alright, try not to get into major fights where someone would have to go to the hospital. Do not physically hurt her, this is a major offense." The list continued with maybe 7 more rules from the facility. Do not brag or expose her too much to public media. Do not treat her like a slave. Stuff like that, usual facility. "Now, our own rules that we have made that this facility has not. Number one rule is to not do 'that' at any time or you will suffer very harsh punishment!" All the boys nodded at the statement. It's an understandable rule. The rest of the company rules were mostly about treating me nicely and taking me out at night. After an hour of going over both the facility and company rules, a receptionist walked in with a folder. She walked over to the manager and gave it to him, but as she passed by she glared at me with envy. No one but me noticed her looking at me. I can see how she could be angry at me, living with these handsome men for 6 months. Meanwhile, she works at a desk, takes calls, sets appointments, takes messages to people all day, every day. I snapped out of my daze when one of the women exclaimed, "It's from the facility!?" The manager opened the envelope that contained MORE papers. Yay, longer meetings... The boys seemed to think that too, especially Hoseok who was halfway down his chair. After scanning through the documents, the manager and the others were nodding in agreement. "This should interest you all." He paused to look at the boys reactions. All of them were listening very closely now, including Hoseok who was now sitting straight up. "Y/N will be continuously pursued by men from the facility to see if you all can protect her. If you all are doing well, the amount of pursuers will decrease or even be nonexistent. This choice is for all of you boys and y/n. Either all of you can protect her and take turns keeping track of her. The other option is to have only one of you protect her and the other look after her every now and then when the one can't." The boys got excited and started talking about what they were going to do. Eventually they finally asked me what I wanted to do. "The other thing is," the manager read off another paper. "you may fall in love with her and she may fall in love with whomever. But please remember that this is only for 6 months." Again, the boys exploded with talking about what would happen. Taehyung was probably the most excited because he was shaking Jungkook by the shoulders and jumping up and down. I seriously wonder if these men, or boys, are really adults or children on kool-aid in adult bodies. "Hey, what's that other paper in the folder?" I said when I was just looking around the room. Everyone quieted down and the manager pulled it out of the folder and read it. "What is it?" At some parts the manager smiled and sometimes he scowled. He then looked up and at everyone's faces and stopped at mine. Then everyone else looked at me and back to the manager, then back to me. "What?" "If the experiment goes so well, you may not have to go to the facility if you do not wish to after the 6 months." Everyone looked at each other and almost burst out talking again from excitement. "BUT!" The manager continued before anything happened. "The time could be shortened if it fails." We were all surprised by what he said. Before anything else, he continued talking. "So, this paper also says some stuff about you, Y/N. You have some singing and dancing experience, can sing and dance to many of the boys' songs." "I can?" I asked out loud. I still can't remember everything about myself but everything is slowly coming back. Now I remembered practicing in all my free time to their songs. Watching the dance practices endless times and analyzing each member's part. After I knew a good amount of Korean, it was easier to learn the lyrics. So after about 2 years I can sing and dance to 5 of BTS' songs practically as good as them. I did it out of interest, not to impress anyone really. "You can?!" All the boys were staring at me in awe. Namjoon spoke up first. "Remember, she doesn't have all of her memories back probably, so she's wondering herself if she can?" How did the facility even find out that I could. The officials were smiling at us all and continued the meeting. "So, since you all might not have an idea what she'll do while you practice," PD-nim started talking again. "She's going to be working part time here. She was a social scientist, which means she knows what people like and don't like. So, y/n is going to be like a tester for your songs and dances. She'll listen to your lyrics and songs, watch you learn the choreography. Y/N, don't be afraid to give honest suggestions to make it better. By doing this, we will pay you so you have spending money for clothes and food and whatever." Manager's face made the 'Oh, I remembered something important!' face. "These came in with the first letter this morning. How could I forget?" He lifted a box up onto the table and slid it down to the end of the table where I was sitting. He also passed down some scissors to open it. "These are probably really important for you. You will need these." I took the scissors and cut the tape that kept the box closed. Inside was a bunch of green packing peanuts. I finally found something solid in the green mess, actually a few things. There was a laptop and cord, a cell phone, earbuds, charger for the phone, wallet with 50,000 won (appx. 41 USD), a few computer accessories, and extra computer soft wares. Why was the facility being so good to me? As payment for the harsh year they made me go through? No complaints coming from me though. Everyone was astounded my how much I received. Except Taehyung, he was playing with the packing peanuts for some reason. There was a note at the bottom of the box. "This is to get you started, and so that he company doesn't have to buy stuff for you. Have fun! We know here at the facility that you're going to pick to have one of the boys to watch over you. Choose wisely. We will be requesting that the company gives us a monthly update on you to this address." There was an e-mail address written at the bottom to contact the place. I showed the manager the note and sat back down. "Can't think of anything else we need to discuss for now. Business problems will be saved until later. You all still have a day and a half off. Show y/n around Seoul! Go buy new clothes! Eat interesting food! Just remember, there will be people who will try to take y/n who look like everyday people. We don't know if they mean seduction, kidnapping, or what. Be alert! See you all in two days, you too y/n!" The manager smiled and walked out of the room. The other officials also gathered their things and left. "So, we should take this stuff back to the dorm then show her around Seoul. She probably knows nothing about this city." Jimin picked up the box of technology and started towards the door. Hoseok stopped him before he could get far. "But, don't you think we should show her the place so when she starts working, so she'll know where everything is?" We all agreed to tour the building then go back to the dorm, go to the mall, then go from there. I'm only half-way through the first full day with BTS, and so much has already happened. This might not be so bad.
If you have any suggestions for the story, please tell me! Soon, I'm going to have branching paths for each member. This should get interesting. I'm not planning of any smut whatsoever. Read one (smut) without knowing that it was one. Oh gawd… Anyways, leave feedback and suggestions please!
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