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For those of you who saw vampire diaries, will eventually understand why I choose Damon to play the role of the ex-boyfriend and for those of you who didn't, well he is just hot ;). Enjoy.
Pt. 3.5
This part is from the perspective of your ex-boyfriend.
“How could she do this?” – his thoughts were running back and forth. You and he were dating for 4 years now and you just decided to leave without even talking to him about it. He had a bottle of whiskey in his hand, he loved you, and he still does. He couldn’t forget you no matter how hard he tried. He told you that he had stopped waiting a long time ago, but it wasn’t true. He wakes up every night from crying because it hurts so much not having you around. He knows he did you wrong and wasn’t always supportive of your crazy ideas, but does it mean that you can just leave and expect him to wait? He hates himself for cheating on you, every day. He thought that maybe if he was with other women the pain of not having you around would fade away, but instead he started hating himself even more. He knew how much you hated cheating but he still did it. He knew that you found out about him sleeping around with your girlfriend. He didn’t want you to know, but at least it was honest and you didn’t try to hide it. “As if would make things better?” – he said while taking a sip from his bottle. He was destroying himself, but he did not have the courage to face you after selfishly betraying you. He wanted to see you face and hug you, sleep next to you, like he used to. He wanted to go to Korea, but he didn’t know if he would have the courage to look you in the eyes. He loved you. He was in pain. But he knew you wouldn’t forgive him; however, he had to try. “It is my only choice, I need her.” – he said while taking another sip.
Back to the main story…
You looked at the text message once again. You knew him well enough to know that he texted you when he was already on the plane, so he can’t change his mind. There was no point in calling him or asking him not to come, he won’t pick up. You were frustrated and didn’t want him to get in your way. He was your past and now you seemed to have a future. You had your mind set. You needed to see Yoongi, you needed him now, to reassure yourself that you were right. As soon as you were out of work you decided that you would go to the dorms and would see Yoongi. You knew it might have been a bit bold and unexpected, but you needed it. You needed it now…
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Thank you for your support vingle family! 😊
damnnnnnn i feel like Yoongi about to beat someone ass
How can u do this to me?!?!😂😂 Damon was my favorite when I watched TVD. However I must say Yoongi is better so yea
Omo!!! what's going to happen next??? Is Damon going to get her back or she is going with Suga??? ahh this story is to good👌💯❤ tag me in the next story please!!
If you end this one quickly you should try writing another one that is long lasting, I'm really enjoying your story so I think you'd be able to do a really good long one ^-^
its a tough choice to make. Damon is the past, and time to look towards the future. Now I've said that... OMG! Damon from Vampire Dairies is so hot 😍
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