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It is time for me to continue with January's 30-Day Song Challenge, first proposed by the lovely News moderator, Queen @ButterflyBlu. I already did the first 14 days, which you can find over yonder, so this one will just be covering the 15th through the 18th!
And if you're just hearing about the game now and wanted to take part, here is the list we've been referring to. Feel free to make your OWN card answering all the questions until the current date. It's certainly not too late to start sharing!
Sooooo... with that being said, here are my responses for #15 - 18!

A Song That Describes Me: "Dani California" by RHCP

Okay, so lyrically this song doesn't describe me at all, especially since I'm pretty sure it's about a teenage girl from the South who gets pregnant, plunges into a downward spiral, and eventually dies an untimely death. But hey, I am Dani, and I am from California. Close enough.

A Song That I Used To Love But Now Hate: "There's A Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths

Okay, I lied again. I still secretly love the crap out of this song AND the Smiths, but they have become attached to too many angsty 'millenial' movies (ie: '500 Days Of Summer', 'Perks Of Being A Wallflower') for me to not want to roll my eyes when anyone tells me how much they love them.

A Song I Hear Often On The Radio: THE NEW ARIANA GRANDE SONG.

Apparently, it's called 'Focus'. I didn't know. I just knew it was the new Ariana Grande song that sounds like it has Mystikal rapping over the chorus. (But it probably doesn't.) DAAANNGER. WATCH YOSELF.

A Song I Wish I Heard On The Radio: "Bad Feeling" by Say Sue Me

This is currently my most favorite of favorite bands. They're from Busan, South Korea, but they've totally captured that late 80s, early 90s lo-fi jangle pop sound. This whole album is serious shoegazey perfection, so if it was on the radio, I would be most pleased.
OKAY, THOSE ARE MY ANSWERS FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS. I'll probably post my next one on Friday for brevity's sake, sooo.. if you're super interested in following this, feel free to check back! :)
@danidee Yeah he has. 馃槅
@jespinosa1546 And Jay's gotten hella pervy since then... >.>
@danidee. lol it was 5 years ago. 馃榿
@danidee Yeah it did, that would be really cool. I wonder if Jay remembers the video.
@jespinosa1546 I feel like it showed me how cool it would be to hang out with Jay Park.
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