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1. Picture/gif of G-Dragon wearing personalized ear monitors. They can have an G-Dragon related logo, his initials, his name or just a G. (See example above). Ear monitors that are not G-Dragon related DO NOT count.
2. Live Performance Video of "IF YOU"
3. Picture/gif of Taeyang with braids.
4. Picture/gif or Video of all 5 members of BIGBANG in a vehicle (car, truck, van, limo, etc...).
5. Picture/gif of TOP wearing a face mask.
6. Video (Performance, Music Video or Lyric Video) featuring a song from any combination of the members (solos COUNT too) that has "Hana Dul Set" in it.
*Lyric is at the 2 minute mark
7. Picture/gif of Daesung on stage.
8. "Zutter" Music Video Screen Shot.
9. Picture of the BIGBANG merch you want most and the reason why.
I was able to get the Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri figures at the MADE concert back in October but I really want to get the GD and T.O.P figures so that I can complete my collection.
10. Picture/gif of Seungri Dj-ing.
11. Picture/gif or Video or your BIGBANG bias and two reasons why they are your bias.
(I'll keep it short and sweet so this doesn't turn into a 20 page essay)
1. His sense of humor is my main attraction to him.
2. I love the drive and passion he has for his career and his hobbies.
12. Picture/gif or Video of all 5 members sleeping (multiple pictures is acceptable as long as the end result is all 5 members asleep Ex. Picture 1= GD and Seungri, Picture 2= TOP and Daesung, Picture 3= Taeyang).
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Fantastic (baby) job!