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Actress Ha Ji Won revealed she went through a slump while filming one of her most successful dramas, ‘Secret Garden‘. On the upcoming episode of SBS‘ ‘Thank You‘, Ha Ji Won, Lee Moon Sae, Suh Hee Tae, and Cha In Pyo were whisked off to a vacation in Namyangju, Gyeonggido, where Ha Ji Won spilled tears while opening up about her past hardships. Ha Ji Won shared, “To be honest, when I first started filming ‘Secret Garden’, I didn’t even want to look at the script. On the first script reading day, I came without reading the script. The script didn’t catch my eye at all so I couldn’t read it. To that extent, I was unable to focus on ‘Secret Garden’ because it was a time when I had a lot of mental distractions,” making viewers relieved that she ended up sticking with the drama and filming memorable scenes in K-drama with Hyun Bin.