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Talk about fitting the paper! They all look so much like the actual Naruto characters! Wish they'd perform ovr here in the US! ^_^ This is one of the reasons I'd choose living in Japan ovr living here in the US. lol
I wonder if they truly do play their part exactly?! hmm... (=_=)
Love it! (♡_♡)
@TurtleyTurtles yes u definitely should! it's worth the watch. just saw it myself and I loved it! and it's ok @T0R1L being no subtitles. it helps with me learning the Japanese language. I'm studying it so I understood quite a bit but even with seeing the anime and reading the manga u can definitely figure out wats going on and what they're saying!!! Kudos to u for providing it!!!! Can't thank you enuff!!!! Now I wish they'd do a Fairy Tail musical. lmbo (^-^)
@T0R1L Awesome. I'll check it out.
I posted a card with the youtube link to the Naruto Musical if any one wants to watch it. I thought it was great ^-^
RL Kakashi??? Yes please!!!!!\(//∇//)\
@arnelli well according to those in Japan who have seen it claim it was quite good. They thought as you did and decided to go see it and they enjoyed it unexpectedly. lol (^_^)
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