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Talk about fitting the paper! They all look so much like the actual Naruto characters! Wish they'd perform ovr here in the US! ^_^ This is one of the reasons I'd choose living in Japan ovr living here in the US. lol
I wonder if they truly do play their part exactly?! hmm... (=_=)
Love it! (♡_♡)
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@T0R1L sweet! Nice looking out! (n_n) will be checking it out very soon!
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@jlo0219 Yeah, like I said, I don't watch Naruto, but I recognize some of the characters. I'll have to look this up. Thanks! 😊
2 years ago·Reply
@T0R1L Awesome. I'll check it out.
2 years ago·Reply
@jlo0219 @TurtleyTurtles Unfortunately there are no subtitles but, if you've seen the anime then you can tell what they're talking about lol
2 years ago·Reply
@TurtleyTurtles yes u definitely should! it's worth the watch. just saw it myself and I loved it! and it's ok @T0R1L being no subtitles. it helps with me learning the Japanese language. I'm studying it so I understood quite a bit but even with seeing the anime and reading the manga u can definitely figure out wats going on and what they're saying!!! Kudos to u for providing it!!!! Can't thank you enuff!!!! Now I wish they'd do a Fairy Tail musical. lmbo (^-^)
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