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Beauty standards are different all over the world, but one trend in Korea has created a slew of hilarious beauty products:

What is a V-Line?

It is the line that your jaw makes! The right shows a girl (Seungyeon from KARA) with a fuller chin, while the left is the same girl after jaw reduction surgery to make her face look smaller and to give her chin a V effect.

Smaller faces are preferred in Korea and while some go as far as getting surgery - many use these products to literally change the shape of their face.

Meet the V-Line Roller!

This crazy contraption is meant to excite the nerves and fat in your chin, burning away the excess around your jaw line and giving you a slimmer face.
Just like how massages burn calories, break up cellulite, or help reshape certain body parts like your calves, this mini face massage promises sharper chins!
Alternatively, you could use these packs you that hold up your chin and get a similar result (think of it as skull binding but just for your chin!)
For on-the-go chin slimming, there are teas marketed as "V-Line Teas" that contain corn silk and are said to give you a slimmer jaw line. This isn't necessarily backed up with science, thought the drink is zero-calorie and sugar free (but so is water???)

Either way, its one of the best selling tea beverages in Korea (and there are a lot of them!)

I find this so interesting because so many of the women I find incredibly beautiful (at least by Western standards) have a fuller more robust jaw line.
This just goes to show that there will never be one definition of beauty, and that's great! I just would never go to such great lengths to fit into one standard.

Would you use any of these products, or do you like your jawline as-is!?

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@kpopandkimchi sadly you are right :(
2 years ago·Reply
so damn true!
2 years ago·Reply
I personally wouldn't try any of these products out but I think it's amazing what people can do the change their body shapes. I actually plan on doing some non plastic surgery body reshaping myself since I plan on getting a gastric sleeve. So it's nice to see that other people go through the same things I'm going through. Even if it's for different body parts.
2 years ago·Reply
I use the V-Line roller, and I actually had to buy one for my mom. It just feels nice.
2 years ago·Reply
I like my jaw...I just have too much fat in my face. if my face had less fat I would be happy. it would stop people from pinching my cheeks and my sucking them in just to see what I would look like. all in all I just need a diet and to work out. my face is fine in my eyes
2 years ago·Reply