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Welcome, Funny Community, to Jump Ahead January, a week-long Vingle event that celebrate all the things we'll be looking forward to in 2016!

Each community participating will be doing something a little different, but here in the Funny Community, we'll be focusing on this year's hottest comedies - on the small screen AND the silver screen. So if there's a TV show, movie, or even a comedian who you're anticipating a lot of great things from this year, feel free to share!
Just make sure you add [JJ] to the subject of your card!
@LAVONYORK, for example, has already made a Jump Ahead January card about the upcoming seventh season of 'Archer'! (Where my LEAFs at?!)
Also, since it's a very special week, be sure to look forward to EVEN MORE COMMUNITY GAMES, organized by me and Miss @RaquelArredondo - both in the Fun & Gamez collection and Vingle's brand new Community Talk feature!

So let's all participate by creating some cards about what funny movies and TV shows we'll be excited for in 2016! ONWARD HOOOO!!!

Woo this will be fun!! ^^ I'll be looking forward to all the participation this week :)
@ButterflyBlu I think I'm writing my first one today, BUT I AM STILL DECIDING ON WHICH NETFLIX SHOW I WANT TO CHOOSE. I'm between two. D: