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My amiga @byeolbit recently made a card about the curious phenomena...AEGYO SAL.
As she explains, it is the exaggeration of the little fat pockets we had under our eyes as babies (there has got to be a cuter word for fat pockets...)
In order to get this look, a lot of people use make up (there's a tutorial on @byeolbit's card!) and do anything from crazy highlighting eye shadows, to drawing lines with eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.
To be honest, I like the very subtle look, but when people start adding glitter and extra shadow to it its just super not appealing to me.
In the depths of YouTube I found a product called Aegyo Sal Tape...and it is exactly what you think it is.
You put very, veeery small pieces of tape below your eyes and it essentially gives your fat pockets for you to do whatever you want with (lol!)

This YouTuber tries it and it doesn't go too well:

Have you every tried to get that Aegyo Sal look before?

Would you ever in the future?

nope if I sleep for like 3 hours a night they occur naturally.
i get em naturally. in fact im usually try to get rid of em
uh.....I have natural ones that I hate......yea lol. Actually...I think mine are just eye bags lol
nope never... my friend has them naturally and I think that's fine but ppl shouldnt try too hard to fit a trend.
I would never try this because it's really really really REALLY not for everyone and it looks cute when it's natural or natural looking but when it's an obvious injection, i cringe every time there's a close up.
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