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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Jimins' love for dancing brought him far. Through a private audition, he now lived a dream. Hoseok was already living his dream with his street dancing group, Neuron. Both shared their passion for dancing, and it brought them far. Their love for the same thing, it brought them together. They were accepted into a new rookie group by the name, "방탄소년단" or "Bangtan Seonyeondan." Who knew they would be reunited here? Jimin found himself being hugged by someone he hasn't seen since he was 10. He smiled and wrapped his skinny arms around the boys' waist and brought him closer as he breathed in his scent. It was just like that time in the hospital. Hoseok smiled brightly and his bottom lip quivered as he started crying into Jimins' neck. Jimin rubbed Hoseoks' back trying to calm the sobbing kid. "Don't worry, I'm here now." He whispered into his ear. Hoseok nodded and stopped crying. They let each other go, but their bodies were still close to each other. Unconsciously, Jimin raised both hands and placed them on the sides of Hoseoks head. With his thumbs, Jimin wiped his tears away. Hoseok smiled uncontrollably and once again pulled Jimin closer to him. He giggled and hugged the boy once more. "I see you guys know each other." Someone said. Jimin released Hoseok and turned around. He saw Namjoon standing there awkwardly with the other members. Hoseok nodded and grinned. He walked up to Namjoon and spread his arms wide open. Namjoon blinked and then laughed too as he took Hoseok in his arms. Everyone in the room seemed to relax at the sight. ~~~ Time has passed and as they got to know each other more, they realized they couldn't be without each other. Jimin had to be portrayed as in him loving Jungkook while Hoseok was a one sided love towards Jimin. That however, didn't stop them from those midnight walks, or those 2AM Visits to each other's rooms. It didn't stop them from holding each other tight and whispering to each other, “I love you” in hopes that the walls won't hear. In fact, they were inseparable between these walls. They spent some their nights passionately, while others they spent it hard to breathe as they held each other making sure that the others’ body was right next to him, and hoping that they could just stay a little longer. Someone in the group noticed how these two were, but he never told what he saw or what he heard. It was like they wanted to be a mystery, but he knew that they would get in trouble if he told anyone. So he kept it a secret and hoped that good would come out of this. It was like a ticking bomb, and he was hoping for it to not explode. The first time they told each other, that they loved each other was in such a simple way, but it was very affectionate. The boys had just finished performing a concert. Their bodys’, still sticky and sweaty, they decided to hang out a bit at the park. Since it was dark and almost 2 AM, they agreed to go. They got there and they were all having a good time, around a fire, that Jin and Namjoon made, “Yeah, but did you see how happy our fans were?” Jungkook said with an amused face and his mouth was slightly opened. “Yes! When our fans are happy, it gives me more energy to shine on stage!” said Yoongi. The boys laughed, but there was one silent. Hoseok, was too quiet or at least not as loud as he usually is. The boys noticed this, but figured it was better not to ask. Jimin however, was too curious. “Hoseok” he called out. The boys’ ears perked up as he heard his name being called. Jimin stood up and motioned for Hoseok to stand up as well. “We'll be right back.” He said as he turned to the boys. Jimin and Hoseok walked together towards a bench that was far enough that the boys couldn't see them. Hoseok sat down and looked down at his hands. Jimin sighed and crouched down in front on Hoseok. He grabbed his hands and Hoseok looked up at him. Jimin leaned in and kissed the boy's forehead, not a care in the world that he was still sweaty. Hoseok seemed to freeze, he was used to the kisses on the forehead, or on the cheek, but it never failed to surprise him in amusement. Jimin crouched right back down and looked at Hoseok. Hoseok couldn't take it anymore and said his thoughts, “I love you, Park Jimin.” The phrase took both of them aback. After a few seconds, Jimin stood up. Hoseok thought he would walk away, and put his head down in shame. Of course, who would love him? He flinched when he saw a hand extending in front of him. He looked up at Jimin only to see that his face had a wide grin. Hoseok smiled and took his hand. Jimin hugged the boy's waist and leaned in to his neck. Hoseok quickly moved and embraced him back. Jimin then sang, “Baby, I like it~” They then looked at each other, and their first kiss was shared under a full moon.
@saraortiz2002 I read gay and lesbian fanfic. I have an unhealthy obsession with Amber.. @KpopGaby I'll make sure to update earlier next time. xD
I swear reading gay fanfics isn't a hobby anymore. its a need. it has gotten to the point that my parents are asking what I keep reading.... but ugh this was good this was real real good.
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