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♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ alright girls! i had fun doing this! its so cute and fluffy for fluffy lovers! ♡ we only have Tao Left! please vote for the next band!! Down below !! Thank you for reading! Enjoy ♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ You wake up and hear the coffee maker without hesitating you look at your clock its 6:30 am “ahhh” you stretch and you say to yourself “its going to be an awesome day today” you inhale the precious smell of coffee in the morning. You get up from bed, you put music on your phone and start singing since you woke up in a great mood why not sing? You said to yourself. You start doing your bed sheets and tidying everything so its clean and spotless. You hear your coffee maker “beep, beep” you say “oh.. just in time” . While moving to the music you start to head down the stairs, you grab a coffee mug and start pouring that yummy coffee in your mug. “Bing” you grab your phone from the counter and turn it on “its bae!” you said and smiled.
Taking a first sip of the coffee, you burn your tounge “aish!” ”that hurt”, you look at your phone and he sent you a text saying Good Morning ;( . You text him back “Good Morning handsome how’s my baby doing? “ “whats wrong ?”. He doesn’t answer , you continue to blow air onto your coffee since its really hot you take another sip. “igeo masisseoyo” “bing” your phone rings and its your babe sending you pictures of him and his stuffed animal saying “pretending its you “ you send him back a picture of you and that coffee mug kissing it and saying “pretending its you ♡” you giggle he sends back a text saying “yaaa! You coffee lover you love your coffee more than me, not fair ” you laugh and text him back “you know that’s not true baby ♡” “Bing” he sends you a snap back saying that he loves you ♡ immediately you stare at his picture you find it so adorable of him trying his best to catch your attention. “Bing” you see a picture of him with his lips puckered up with a caption “I love you boo!” “yaah!” you say “so cute !” and reply to him with a text “ i love you too bae ♡”. Kris keeps overwhelming your phone with him throwing a mini tantrum on you though snapchat, forcing you to say that you miss him but you love the fact that when he does that it’s the most adorable thing ever. So you tease him by playfully saying “ ani, i don’t miss you keke” he playfully sends back another adorable snap. Saying the following “you better miss me too” “say you miss me too”. After almost finishing half of your coffee mug you decide to send him a video snap saying *oppa stop being to freaking adorable you’re about to give me a cuteness attack” he reply’s with “then say you miss me ..”. :I miss you a lot “ you replied in a text.
While washing your coffee mug and the pans , bowls , spatulas, plates and forks you used when doing breakfast you noticed that he didn’t answer back. You take a shower and head out to the streets, to go explore Korea. *aigo! * you say to yourself *I forgot to send him a picture of me going out*. Immediately you send him a picture of you and he replies with *busy babe*. You take off and wonder around Korea. Hours pass Bing” two snaps he sent you *he looks handsome*. Instigating you he says that he wants you there with him, and that he also have a great view. You giggle and send him a snap of you eating captioning *I have a wonderful view too* he replies with *booo ! Don’t do this to me please*you tease him back with “im about to do it *nomnom* he texts you back saying *a n d e *. You finish up eating after a while you head up to class its 3:00 pm. While at class your phone starts buzzing you shyly smirk at your phone and see a picture of him saying “wearing the scarf you made for me* you answer back * cute, but im at class”. Bae didn’t reply back.
Classes didn’t end until 7pm you looked at your watch on your wrist while walking through the hallway “Bing” you noticed he was working. Kris sent a snap saying “your boyfriend is ready” “well hot dang” you say out loud while other people looking at you. You look around and reply back “you sure are, way more than ready ;)”. You giggle and look at your watch again “its 5 pm I could go to the cafeteria and eat something fast”. While grabbing a tray to get your lunch, your phone starts to go crazy. Three new notifications of your boyfriend and a missed call “what?” you said to yourself. You ignore him for a while, so make your way and start grabbing what you’re about to eat . You sit down and start digging in your food when Kris keeps sending you more snaps *aish, you don’t even let me eat in peace..* you reply immediately “why are you so greedy! You don’t let me eat babe” he says “see for yourself” you start watching all the snaps he’s been sending you. And laugh and say *ommo my boyfriend is crazy *. He worries too much and cares for you way to much. So you send him a video saying *hi first of all im eating , second of all what am I doing eating where am I, im at the cafeteria as you can see eating bae stop having trust issues* you pout . *aigo ♡ * he says and replies with a snap *tell me, that you love your Prince*. Blushed and murmuring to yourself * since when wh-what? prince?* you laugh and tease him back *annii! I don’t love that prince the only person I love is Kris, sorry im taken Mr. Prince*. Suddenly he sends the most hilarious snap ever. *I love the way I make you mad*. Sarcastically you answer back with *for your information im not mad the fact that you don’t let me eat in peace and forcing me to say I love you and ANNI im not mad, for your information*. He doesn’t answer back . *Good for me* you say *its not like I want to talk to you *plus I have class in 10 minutes* you pout.
Classes end and you start walking out of school, you look around and keep walking towards the nearest bus station. You look at the cars passing by while sitting down on a bench you see a couple holding hands and laughing. you say to yourself *I miss oppa* an hour had passed you look at your clock. *ommo, my phone Isn’t on!*. Desperately you grab your purse and open it the ajeo-ssi besides you looks at you like if you had lost something . Finally finding your phone the first thing you do is to turn it on. Your phone starts to have a lot of notifications, missed calls from your boyfriend. Worried about him you see all the snaps he had sent you, the last snap made your heart pound fast. *yaaa! You scream the ajeo-ssi besides you jumps you stand up and look at your watch * ommo that was an hour and half ago * *bing* not now you say while you raise your hand to get a taxi. You turn on your phone and its bae asking where are you. *ring ring* your phone starts ringing you answer it and he says where are you? You say *im about to get a cab hold on babe ill be there I promise* when suddenly you feel someone’s arms cling to you around your waist and hug you. Realizing the feeling of those arms he whispers *I caught you* you turned your head to see who it was and it was Kris you smile and turn around. While he holds his hands on your waist and pulls you close to him, you giggle and gives you a huge peck on your lips and places his forehead onto yours and looks at you firmly and says to you *I was longing for your touch and your lips boo*.
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I still love him .. ♡♡♡
I love this .. I love Wu Yi Fan..he was my bias when he was part of EXO. .:-((
my original bias.. I miss him!!
what came to my mind was whoa look at those waves
Kris 😻💕
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