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Everyone views the world differently based on how they were brought up - so which way do you view the world?!

Here's how:

- Answer the 5 questions below, then scroll down to see the answers!
- Leave your results in the comments :D


*don't scroll until you're done answering to avoid spoilers!*

Test 1
- Asian philosophy tends to take overall harmony into account. That’s why it is more likely that those who choose A think in an Asian mindset. Group A features flowers with similar petals.
- In the West, on the other hand, people look at basic details. Notice that in B, they all have the same stems at the sample flower.

Test 2

- The average Western mind would think first of the shape. They would choose A.
- On the contrary, Asian philosophy tends to put emphasis on an object’s essence. They would choose B.

Test 3

-Western painting features realistic perspective, which means a painting is drawn in the viewpoint of a painter. Therefore, the farthest object from a viewer is naturally thought to be at the head.
-In contrast, Asian painting is out of perspective. It’s not scenery but objectives themselves that Asian painters try to illustrate. B would be the head.

Test 4

-Asian philosophy tends to consider relationship among people. Since everyone but him looks mad on the second picture, they are likely to conclude that the man is not happy either.
-On the other hand, Westerners solely focus on the man in the center. Every one but the man is unhappy, but he is still happy anyway.

Test 5

- Westerners tend to focus on the fact that both the panda and monkey are animals. So their being animals easily allow them to fall into the same category.
- Interestingly, Asians tend to assess mutual interaction and inter-relationship among the three objectives. So they think monkeys like bananas; therefore they are closely related.
For example: on front of a table with a hammer, saw, and walnut on, Asians will put the hammer and walnut into the same category because they think of the hammer a tool for eating the walnut. On the contrary, Westerners will be more likely to put the hammer and saw into the same category: tools

So what were your results?!

I have an Asian mindset. 1) Asian 2) Western 3)Asian 4)Asian 5)Asian
1.Group A 2.A 3.A 4.Yes for both 5.Monkey and Banana
3 Asian 2 Western
i got mostly Asian mindset
I have both an Asian and Western mindset😁
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