I'm not going to lie, this challenge was a hard one for me...Who to choose?? I thought about it for a while..(so my card is a little late)

In my beautiful world of fantasy where I get to cast the dramas, who would I choose to put together?

Choo Sarang and Song Manse...although VERY cute not a K Drama couple (yet)

Monday's Couple? No - that's not it...

Then, it finally hit me!!

Two beautiful actors who both have played kind of quirky characters!


Hwang Jung Eum: I first saw her in Full House Take 2, and found her to be a personable and fun character! I loved her even more in Kill Me, Heal Me and She was Pretty!

The other side of her is this fantastically gorgeous woman ...

Lee Soo Hyuk: I first saw him in Scholar Who Walks the Night and then High School King of Savvy. He was kind of this intense character in both of those, but not in a bad way - more of in smooth, cool way!

The other side of him is also this fantastically gorgeous man...

So there you have it - my perfect K Drama couple. I'd really love to see them work together!

Credit and tags: Credit to the owners of the art work, gifs, and photos.
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omggg I snorted so hard at the Manse/Sarang thing HHAHAHAHA
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