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You probably know that I don't read much manga, but I used to house sit my friends' place whenever they went on vacation, and they had a HUGE selection of manga I could read!

Elemental Gelade!

Fruits Basket!

Chibi Vampire!

What was your first manga?

I won't talk too much about these, but I was able to read a lot of the complete series because they had the volumes there back then, and then I eventually finished them online later! Has anybody else read these? I don't know much about manga so I probably won't be able to contribute too much to MM, but I wanted to try for the first one!!
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@OgaTatsumi THanks! I'll check them out
@alliepetey They were really enjoyable ^-^
wow nice i really liked fruit basket though, i was like 5 year old when i started watching it