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While many expected the Milwaukee Bucks to take steps forward as a franchise this year, the team has been in a major slump.
The Bucks won 41 games last season, gave the Chicago Bulls a fight in the playoffs, and sold Greg Monroe, a max-level free agent, on the notion that he could push them up another step.
With the Bucks young unit and a solid free agent addition in Monroe, the team should be way better than their record at the moment. Is coach Jason Kidd dropping the ball with this franchise?
While the Bucks have a solid young core, it seems as if they are struggling to put it all together on the floor.
Point guard Michael Carter Williams is a 6-6 pg that can rebound and push the ball in transition, but he can't knock down jumpers at all at this point in his career. Sophomore sensation Jabari Parker struggles with his deep jumper also. Now that I think about, who can really shoot the ball on this team? Offensively they have trouble placing their "best" players on the floor at once, because no one can shoot and teams pack the paint. Defensively, the length hasn't helped them as much as one would think, as they are ranked 29th in the league. The talent is there, but it's clearly evident that:
a) a trade must happen
b) the offensive and defensive schemes are struggling right now.
It seems as if Jason Kidd is over his head again with this team.

Should The Bucks Fire Jason Kidd?

I just don't think Kidd is ready for a head coaching job...great player but I think organizations should've figured it out during his stay with the Nets.
They're a good team. Kidd just needs to be a better coach. I don't think they should fire him