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Show these to anyone who says that Kpop idols can't really sing:

EXO - Baby Don't Cry

I don't even have words for this performance. Kyungsoo's voice actually gave me the chills.

Seventeen - Adore U

The fact that these boys can do this choreography while still managing to sing their hearts out like this seriously floors me. This was their DEBUT. They are little babies just going for it and I love them so much for it!

Taeyeon - I

Alright we all know that Taeyeon has an incredible voice, but it was almost like SM gave her 'I' just to show it off! The video is a little weird cause of copyright but basically she's a stunning princess that actually shines.

Sistar - Shake It

I could talk for hours about how much I love Hyorin and Soyu's voices and how flaaaawless they are live. This performance in particular is perfect (sorry Dasom, you arent there lol) and everything about it makes me want to get up and dance.

Ailee - U&I + Don't Touch Me + I’ll Show You

The undeniable winner of a Music Removed battle is the one, the only, Queen Ailee. Her voice is out of this world and she performed not one, not two, but THREE of her high-energy songs without a break in between. She's a goddess. Kpop is lucky to have her.
B.A.P has really amazing MR removed performances ^^ I especially like One Shot it sounds just like their studio ver. 😱
O my god I knew they were good but o my god this was absolutely amazing 😭
Oh I can listen to EXO all day all the tour voices are amazing with and without music..
EXO baby don't cry Mr removed on song for you is absolutely amazing!! It makes me a proud EXO - L
bap, shinee, and beast have great mr removed performances. Also, the mr removed video of Taeyang's performance of eyes, nose, lips on sketchbook is AMAZING. He sounds just like he does in the studio version...
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