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Did Tzuyu do something wrong?
Everyone is Blaming JYP. I don't see why. here is a direct quote from what happened. "We are releasing our stance on misconceptions about TWICE's Tzuyu's apology. Because Tzuyu is underage, we talked with her parents from the beginning about what to do, and we waited until Tzuyu's parents were in Korea. The label cannot and should not force an individual to think a certain way, and this never happened. Tzuyu's parents came to Korea, talked to Tzuyu, made the decisions, and handled the apology. As Tzuyu is still working hard, Tzuyu and Tzuyu's parents want this situation to be resolved quickly, and they hope that everyone will support Tzuyu." Your thoughts? Will this quote be enough to fight off those who say JYP forced her to apologize? Did Tzuyu do something wrong? or was the prop-man/MC to blame?
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