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For this week's Talk About It Tuesday...

I want to share the charms I have on my bag! I figured it'd be just kinda fun to share something "anime" I use IRL everyday. These hang on whatever bag I'm using. I'll explain what each one is:

Heart Charm:

This charm is the logo of the idol group from Love! Live. If you know me, you know I love Love! Love, so I recently bought these for myself and my close friends that also like the show! I got mine in purple since Nozomi's color is purple.

Eli Charm:

This is the blonde charm! This was a gift from my friend for my birthday last year! She knows I like Love Live, and Eli is one of my favorite girls.

Nozomi "Powerpuff" Girl Charm:

This was a gift from my friend Jenni for Christmas! This was a line of Powerpuff girl / Love Live crossover charms that was produced. I love the style of it, and love that Nozomi has her tarot card!

Homura's Soul Gem:

The last thing is Homura from Madoka Magica's soul gem! Homura has always been one of the characters I've felt most attached to, and Jenni (who is my Mami) bought this for me. I love it!

Anyways, these are the things I keep on my purse!

Do you guys have any charms like these you use?
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@hikaymm Alright cool arigato!
I don't have charms, but I do have pins (or buttons, whichever you prefer). I have funny quotes, psycho-pass, deadpool, a soul eater one, and a Kuroko no Basuke Seirin 11 key chain
@SeoInHan !! Wahh!! I have a firend that has an entire bag devoted to charms, pins & such of Nico from Love LIve. It's intense hahaha
@hikaymm I can take a picture and show you if you want :)
@SeoInHan just saw that you did!! gonan check it out now :)