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So as most of you know, my ultimate bias is Youngjae from BAP, and normally I would hate to see him with anyone else, but I just cannot help but ship him with fellow group member Daehyun! They truly are my OTP
They way they play with each other.
They way they care for each other.
The way they miss each other.
Even the way they look at each other.
"To me, Daehyun’s existence is also something that cannot be replaced. The person that I talk to the most is Daehyun. Even when there are problems or question, I will go straight to Daehyun and talk about how to resolve it. We understand each other’s problems and frustrations so we help each other out about it." -Youngjae
“After coming up from Busan to Seoul, you were my only friend. And the person I could talk to freely, even until now, is only you." - Daehyun
Thank you for your time. DaeJae forever ❤ - Rosa :)
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@NasiaWright Uh oh, love triangle 😂 DaeJae will forever be my OTP, but I see what you mean cause I secretly ship them too 😶 I'm always a sucker for hyung-maknae kind of relationships, especially with baby Zelo (even though not so baby anymore) 😁
I don't ship them (because shipping makes me uncomfortable) but you can definitely tell they are best friends and Dae is my ultimate bias and Jae is definitely my bias wrecker and I just love how mischievous they can get together. Not to mention that when they were filming 1004 Dae waited patiently for Jae to finish filming and then tried to keep him with him so he wasn't alone while he filmed. They're just adorable.
I feel like Youngjae never gets the attention he deserves. MY BBY! (tru facts, he used to be my profile picture on vingle hahaha)
@MaeLyn That was probably one of my favorite moments from them, the way Dae hid his phone from him just so he wouldn't leave 😂 But I just love how genuine they are with one another, it's so adorable
@kpopandkimchi I feel like that ALL the time! He's my UB, and people kinda just put him in the background. I hate it. He shines so much brighter than people make it seem. I wish more people would recognize that 😔