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Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are back to face off LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers!

The 2015 NBA Finalists faced off each other about a month ago and the Warriors were able to inch past the Cavs with a 89-83 victory. Who do you think will win today's game?
Here is the challenge ----->

Who will take home the victory tonight: the Warriors or the Cavaliers?

Come join the party basketball fans! I will also be running a live discussion card for anyone who wants to join!

I'm taking the Warriors. I think they'll bounce back from the rough stretch over the past three games.
Hahahahahah I love it! @VeronicaArtino
@VeronicaArtino HAHAHAHA that would be amazing! I would love to have a Scurry shirt!
@alohadaine Haha definitely more fun to watch the Cavs than the Hornets. Am I right?
@InPlainSight I'm with you on this one bud!
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