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Trapped pt 3

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Jungkook was the one to lead the way to the karaoke place. We walked in and there was a cute girl at the front desk. "Jungkook! What are you doing here?" She was really happy to see him. "I got some free time so the guys wanted to do something fun and I knew you'd be working. ..." She had walked out from behind the counter and gave Jungkook a hug. They looked so cute together. "Aww kookie's got a girlfriend!" Jimin said "What!!!" V said running over to Jungkook "Stop's not like that." I walked over to towards Jimin and V who were messing with jungkook. "Alright you two that's enough!" I pulled them away. "Jungkook get us a room please." "Go into the 2nd room on the right" the girl said and I pulled Jimin and V to the room while Namjoon laughed following. Once the door was shut I let them have it. "Don't tease him in front of that girl. She's just as embarrassed as he is. If you two do this to him now....don't you think he'll get you back later?" "Namjoooooon she's being mean to us." V whined "Hey you deserve it... we didn't even know he had a crush on a girl so it's just a shock right?" He said to me then turned back to the guys. "We'll embarrass him when he gets in the room." "Yes!" Jimin said "Jungkookie!" We all heard out the door and opened it to look outside. "Their in the 2nd room on the right." Jungkook said and they looked at us and started walking.... "Oh there's the girl we've been waiting to meet." I opened the door wider and got out of the way. "Hi I'm (y/n)" "Hi I'm J-hope, This is Jin and that's Suga." "Hi!" They all said and walked in the room. "Come on Jungkook you can talk to her later we want to sing." Said Jin and with that he said something to her and then ran over to us. " You guys really suck!" "Aww Jungkookie wants her as his girlfriend!!!!" Jimin said I picked a song and handed a mic to Jimin. "Sing." "Wow (y/n) is on a mission." Jin said "Nah I'm just trying to stop jimin from being mean to my little brother." They all looked at me shocked. "Who's your little brother?" Jungkook asked "You of course...I mean your like a little brother to me." "Ha I like it" Namjoon said and pulled me into the seat next to him. For the next hour we sang and even though they all tried not to sing they all were way better than me. Jungkook had only left the room once and he wasn't gone long. I had decided to do what big Sisters do and talk to the girl. I snuck out during one of Jungkooks song and went to talk to her. "Hi your friends with Jungkook right" She said to me. "Yea I'm (y/n) what's yours?" "It's Sarah " " I'm gonna get straight to the Point you like him right?" "Is it obvious?" "Not to him....but here's a secret he likes you too. Don't tell him I said that." "Really?" "Yea you should take a chance and tell him how you feel. I mean he was all but eager to go karaoke and we all see why." "Your so nice.... I get off in a few minutes and then I'll come bother you guys." She said and I gave a thumbs up. "Alright I'll hold them off." I walked back to the room. "(Y/n) where did you go?" J-hope asked "Bathroom." I sat next to Namjoon again. I leaned over and whispered in Namjoons ear. "Do you think it's ok that I got involved in Jungkooks love life?" "Depends what did you do?" "I may have said Jungkook likes her and told her to make the first move." "Huh....that's not bad...I think they need it." "You sure?" "Yea....I mean well see how he is...when is she going to do it?" At that moment she walked in the room. Jungkook jumped up and ran over to her. "Hey I got off early, would you mind walking me home?" "Yea. Bye guys" he said and like that they were gone. "And it happens now." I said our loud while laughing. "What's going on?" Jin said and they all turned to look at me. Including suga who had been laying around when it wasn't his turn to sing. "I just pushed her to make a move on him." "What...I need to see this" Jimin said "Me too." V said Off they ran to go spy on the two. "Well we will go home now. Namjoon are you gonna take (y/n) home?" Jun asked "Yea I'll see you guys later." He said waving bye to them. Finally it was just us two. "Let's go pay and then I'll take you home. " He said getting up. He grabbed the door knob and turned it but there was a noise and then he turned to face me. "Don't get mad." "Ok?" "I sort of broke the door knob. " He held up the handle. I started laughing. "It's ok we should be able to get out as long as the knobs on the other side. " I walked over and was gone we were stuck in the room. "I'll call someone." He knew we were stuck. I sat down. Man I was getting tired. "Alright Jimin said call the people in the building and they'll be back to get us out if they haven't help us yet." He went along and called them as I just waited. After a few minutes he got off the phone. "Alright they said they had to call someone to come get us out." "You know if they had a screwdriver they could take the hinges off." "Yea I'm assuming they don't have any." "Ok...well sit down let's get comfortable where gonna be stuck here a while." I patted the seat next to me. "It looks like you do break things alot huh?" "I'm sorry." I patted his head. "It's ok at least were not stuck in the elevator again." After a few minutes I started to fall asleep. As well as namjoon. He had his head against my shoulder and I rested my head on his. I tried not to fall asleep just so one of us was up when they got here. "(Y/n) wake up." "5 more minutes." "Ha (y/n) you need to wake up there here to get us out." I realized it was namjoon. I opened my eyes and turned my head. My lips collided with his. It was a quick peck but I moved quickly away. My face had turned red no doubt about it. I could feel all the heat. "Sorry." I said and looked down at the floor. "It's ok...really." I can't believe I kissed him...I wasn't ready for that. I touched my lips and glanced at him and saw he had a smile on his face. Then the door opened and there was Jimin and V and Jungkook. "We are so sorry we couldn't get you out of here faster." The lady said "It's ok. Thank you for getting us out. Jimin can you take care of the bill now. I need to get (y/n) home she's tired." "Sure." He said not questioning anything. Namjoon grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. I looked up and made eye contact with V. He smiled and patted my head as I passed by him. Before I could say anything we were already turning to get out of the building. He kept his hand in mine all the way to my apartment building. We didn't talk. Which I was ok with I didn't know what to say. I felt embarrassed and confused. Once we got in the elevator and the doors shut. He finally let go of my hand and talked. "If it's going to be weird just pretend we didn't kiss. It was an accident anyways. We just met a week ago. I don't like you that we're still friends right?" He turned to look at me. "Ok sounds good friends." I put on a fake smile. I was actually hurt. I mean I get it we were friends but why would he talk about me to his friends if that's all I was going to be to him. Once the door opened I walked out and turned to him stopping him from getting off the elevator. "I'm good from here I'll see you another time ok." "Ok." The elevator door started to close "Bye namjoon." I smiled "Bye (y/n)" I walked back to my apartment and went straight to bed. What was I thinking...why did I feel this hurt? Did I want him to say he wanted it to mean more...I'm just tired I'll feel better tomorrow after a nice rest. NAMJOONS POV I'm such an idiot. Why did I say that. I want to be more than friends. That accidental kiss was nice. I still can feel her soft lips on mine. I want to kiss her again, but I just put myself in the friendszone.
Alrighty ladies here it is finally part 3. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.... It answered some questions about Kookie did it not lol... I felt bad ending it on her POV so I had to add his.... if I missed anyone that wanted to be tagged just let me know I'll make sure to tag you in the next bunch. Also I used my name Cuz I didn't know what else to use.. :) @Valerie816 @Falselove @SherrySahar @Tigerlily84 @AimeeH @DekaraMiller @Christianliu @SugaOnTop @BelencitaGarcia @StefaniTre @SierraBecerra @VeronicaArtino @jojojordy2324 @Emealia @SugalessJams @applecake452 @ChelseaAustin @sarahdarwish @QueenLee @DestinaByrd @XergaB20 @Starbell808 @jjrockstar @DesireeChucklez @MalihaAhmed @shelbiisonfire @KarlythePanda66 @thePinkPrincess @justcallmekyki @OhItsJas @AshleyAndino @Michellelbarra @sutcheks3 @KellyOconnor @MalihaAhmend @VKookie47 @Starbell808 @MomoChamie @ninjamidori @jessicacheung97 @MsLoyalHeart @terenailyn @megancurrent9 @tinathellama @saraortiz2002 @CreeTheOtaku @DeyaniraEstrada @drummergirl691 @yaya12 @ReynadeKpop @VIPFreak2NE1 @KaitlynHewitt @Ercurrent @KendraReeve @KrystaDaricek @staceyholley @tiffany1922 @VikaAlex @Alyessiazavala @luna1171 @Maddie27 @wordlesseyes @Msrayray95 @DawanaMason @ilikepancakes @UnnieCakesAli @KaeliShearer @QueenLele @Zephoria @OliviaZenger @21francoamberco @jessicacheung97 @ValerieAlissaPa @MadAndrea @CamrynCherry @Defy24601 @SindyHernandez @EniorehFrancois @LaurenDimalanta @merryjayne13 @Eliortiz13 @priscy513 @JinsPrincess86 @PatriciaS @KarolinaTrevino @fionafifimonkey @Princess2328 @BulletproofV @4dalientae @TracyLynnn @mellyortiz @Eliortiz13
What the flower, Namjoon?! Breaking a relationship even before it began, THAT is the destruction capacity he has...
Damn yo I just got friendzoned 😂
babo!!! he friend zoned himself lol cute though cx
Well ! Its getting better and better. So Keep going and tagging !
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