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Popcorn has remained the moviegoer's most beloved snack, but would our theater experience be better without it? One man - Mike Shotton, 39, of Newcastle, England - thinks so, and has made a conscientious effort to get popcorn banned from his country's theaters.

No, this isn't a joke. He really, really hates popcorn.

Earlier this month, Shotton created an online petition to ban the sale of popcorn in UK cinemas. The petition only has 295 signatures thus far, but local media has captured plenty of footage of him campaigning for the cause in front of his neighborhood theater.
The petition states that popcorn is not only flavorless and smelly, but it creates an incredible amount of noise pollution, especially in an environment where patrons are expected to turn off their phones and keep their voices down:

"Cinema chains bombard us with constant reminders to be quiet during the film and then they sell the loudest food known to man on the premises!"

According to Shotton, his beef with popcorn began when he went to watch 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' after anticipating the film's release for over a year - only to find that the theater was packed with people loudly eating the snack.

"It was a showing full of kids and students, so I expected noise. But honestly - it's a loud film, but I could barely hear it from all the rummaging tongues and chewing. I went home a little bit infuriated. I decided to start a petition."

As news of Shotton's petition campaign spread, more and more movie patrons gathered behind their own counter petition to stop him, citing that "popcorn is an essential part of the cinema experience."
However, those involved in the counter petition fear that if Shotton gets enough signatures, the region's environmental health department would legally have to consider his case and individual county councils would have to decide whether or not popcorn should be banned from theaters in their area.

In short, this extremely improbable ban could become much more probable if he earns enough signatures to be heard.

So what do you guys think? Has Mike got a point about popcorn? Have you ever been distracted by someone snacking at the theater?

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This is quite possibly the stupidest damn thing I've ever heard. Because HE doesn't like popcorn, no one gets any? Guess what genius: you can watch new movies on demand from the silence of your home. Do that please. Kkthxbai. 馃檮
I honestly think he has no idea what he's talking about. some theaters sale nachos, now that has got to be twice as loud as popcorn. then there are those crappy plastic bags that come inside the candy boxes, I'll say constantly digging into those until the sweet snack is finished is four times as noisy as popcorn. now onto a theory I have since working in two movie stores. almost everyone will say popcorn is not necessary when buying a movie....until they smell it. cooking popcorn got that shit sold! and I don't believe it's tasteless unless you get it plain, but even then there is some flavor
How about concentrating on the movie instead of the sound of people eating! No way chewing is louder than the film unless you're actively listening for it!! @ChosenKnight maybe he does have that thing! I can't stand listening to people eat either so I actively ignore that! lol
@ButterflyBlu no why do that when you go out of your way to make everyone else suffer because of your own dislikes?????
I'm going to just say that he MIGHT have that thing where just the sound if people chewing on their food disgusts them to the point that they can't function properly.but then again maybe he's just an insufferable jerk.by his logic a lot of snacks, not just popcorn would be ban from the movie theater.
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