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Well well well DC has sturdy balls for this one... I am trying to figure out when Marvel did such a thing lol. You know what Deadpool has to say to you...
And I say shut your trap, game over! B*t*h!
Foul on the play, time out used. The game is a forfit the win to necessary conduct unnecessary roughness to the on pass 20 yard penalty, face mask, there will be no reverse decisions you are out of timeouts. The ruling stays as stands.. Marvel already proposed the trade for Ryan Reynolds to Marvel, Ben Affleck don't forget you are Marvel trash and was traded early. We will not forget Daredevil. Lmfao Hexed Vixen.
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no he's the most badass of robins
2 years ago·Reply
and the son of Bruce Wayne and talia al ghul
2 years ago·Reply
I like red hood isn't he a former Robin
2 years ago·Reply
yes he's Jason Todd
2 years ago·Reply
Thought so
2 years ago·Reply