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There is an optional smut section in this chapter. It is completely optional, and the story works whether you choose to read it or not.
“Tae…” I wasn’t even given time to welcome him home before I was shoved against the wall, and he captured my lips in a desperate kiss. We separated and he laid his forehead against mine, his quick breaths grazing my nose. “I missed you too,” I laughed lightly. He just stared into my eyes. They were dark with lust, and unnerving.
“You’re mine. Only mine.”
“No one’s challenging you Tae. They know I’m yours.”
“Doesn’t change the fact that he was still there. With you, alone.”
“What?” I shoved him away from me.
“That foreigner. I saw you with him.” My blood began to boil. I thought we went over this?
“I showed no interest in him whatsoever. He just asked to sit with me and drink coffee. I was kind of lonely while you guys were gone, so I said yes thinking it would be nice to actually have a face to face conversation with someone who wasn’t a customer at the boutique,” I seethed.
“Well he certainly looked interested in you.” His eyes had darkened as he slammed his hands against the wall behind me, trapping me.
“You’re being ridiculous,” I hissed. “Stop acting so immature and jealous.” His nose flared.
“I’m your boyfriend. I have the right to be jealous.”
“Just as much as I have the right to hang out with whoever I want to.”
“You can’t hang out with him.”
“That’s not for you to decide. He’s just a friend.”
“You don’t kiss people who are just friends.” I froze. I thought back to that day at the café, trying to remember kissing anyone. Oh wait. I didn't. “I trusted you Pais. You’re not even denying it.”
“I’m not denying it because I can’t even comprehend what you just said.”
“It’s not that hard to figure out. You kissed-”
“That’s not what I mean Tae. I mean I’m trying to comprehend your messed up reason for even accusing me of doing something like that!” I knew my voice could be heard through the dorm. I had lost all control at that point.
“I saw it! You kissed him!”
“I hung out with him once, if you can even call that hanging out, and you weren’t even in South Korea! There would’ve been no way for you to even see it if it did happen!” But it didn’t. So why did it matter.
“Pictures tell a thousand words Pais.” So that’s how he saw us. A freaking picture.
“Well Photoshop can change every single one of them.”

Warning! Optional smut ahead! Skip to next block if you don't want to read it!

“Then prove it.” His anger filled lust gave in as our lips smashed against each other. Closing the space between us, he began grind his now hard member against my covered center, pressing my back against the wall. My hands clawed his back before entangling in his soft brown hair. His hand cradled my lower back as he began to push me towards the bed on the other side of the room.
“Sit,” he growled. I felt my center become damp at his sultry voice and forceful behavior. “Arms up.” The second I sat down, he gave his next command. I hesitantly raised my arms over my head confused as to what he was going to do. I barely had time to even look up at him before he was on me.
“You better keep your arms raised, and your mouth shut.” My eyes widened for a split second before closing naturally as a moan escaped my lips. He was straddling my lap as he explored every crevice of my neck and face. His hands traveled up the sides of my back to my finger tips. His hands slipped under my shirt and began to lift it up at a torturously slow pace. Finally throwing the garment off to the side, he then took care of my bra at the same teasing pace. I felt his teeth lightly graze my shoulder, taking the bra strap between his teeth. He dragged each strap down my arms, and stood up to reach around my body and unclip it. I took the opportunity to give him a taste of his own medicine. I light grazed my hand against the hard bump in his jeans, smirking internally as his hand abruptly stopped fumbling with my bra.
“Jagi,” he hissed.
“You said I couldn’t talk. Never said anything about doing some teasing myself.” I laid my hand directly on top of his hard member, and felt his body stiffen. I slowly dragged my hand up to the waist band of his pants, and briskly began to unbutton them. I watched them slide down his legs, leaving him in his boxers and t-shirt. He had finally regained his composure, and I watched my bra being added to the growingpile onto the floor. He lifted my body enough to gently throw me into the center of the bed, before crawling on top of me. He placed a light kiss on my lips before traveling down to my neck and breasts. He took his time, leaving small marks of possession, and giving each breast attention. I snaked my arms around his body to pull his shirt off, exposing his upper body. He wasn’t the most muscular and chiseled of the BTS members, but I found his lean stomach and defined muscles very enticing. Who needed chocolate abs. He made his way down my upper body, and began to tease at the waistband of my shorts. He slowly slid the cotton shorts down my legs, tossing them into the pile of clothes on the floor. Making his way back up to my core, he slid a finger inside my panties, and began to toy with my sensitive clit.
“Tae,” I gasped.
“Jagi, so wet for me,” he smirked. He slowly inserted a slender finger into my wet center, but quickly pulled it out. “But not ready just yet.” I watched him suck on his finger, my cheeks growing red with embarrassment.
My panties were ripped off immediately, the cold air hitting my now exposed, burning center, causing a tingle to go up my spine. He quickly put his tongue and fingers to work. I repeated his name as he licked and sucked on my bud, and constantly hit my sensitive spot with his fingers. Before I could cum, he pulled his fingers out, going up to kiss my lips sloppily. I felt the tip of his cock poking at my entrance. My hands instinctively moved down his torso but stopped, not sure what to do. Taehyung looked at me with lust filled eyes
“Are you sure?” I nodded.
“I want this.” I whispered, pulling him in for another kiss. Taehyung kissed me back, hard, before proceeding to slowly insert himself. Distracted from the kiss, he thrust in completely, causing a yelp to escape from my mouth, tears forming at the corners of my eyes from the sudden pain.
“I’m sorry Jagi,” he cooed peppering my face with light kisses. After adjusting to his size, I rolled my hips, indicating that I was ready for him to move. He started thrusting at a steady pace, the pain completely subsiding after the first few thrusts. He grabbed my hips as his pace quickened, his need extremely evident. I snaked my legs around his waist, allowing him even deeper access. I was hit with pleasure, pure bliss coursing through my body. Taehyung moaned my name in my ear, riding out my orgasm, and quickly coming himself. He pulled me into is arms as we came down from our high.
“I love you Jagi. I was a jealous idiot.”
“You were,” I giggled lightly.
“There’s just something about that guy that grinds my bones.” Here we go again.
“He’s not going to take me away from you. You just took my virginity. Do you really still think I could possibly have cheated on you?”
“Is losing your virginity that big of a deal?” I pulled myself out of his arms and sat up, covering my exposed body with the bed sheets.
“What do you mean is it a big deal? It’s a huge deal!”
“I guess it’s just different for guys.”
“Why was that not your first time? Actually don’t answer that. I don’t want to know right now.”
“You’d have to be pretty naïve to think that was my first time Jagi.”
“What so that was just another notch on the boot? Did that mean anything to you at all?”
“Of course it did!”
“You don’t sound very convincing,” I murmured, tears beginning to form.
“Jagi, please believe me. I’m sorry I’m not reacting how you want me to, or that this wasn’t my first time either, but I can’t change that.”
“I believe you. I just need some air,” I sighed as I threw on athletic shorts and one of his t-shirts.
“So you’re just running away again.”
“What is that supposed to mean?! It’s just hot and stuffy in here. I need some fresh air.”
“Why do you always do this when we fight?” I stopped in front of the closed door, and turned to look at him.
“This has nothing to do with the fight that we shouldn’t even be having. Just remember, you didn’t use a fucking condom.”
That shut him up.
I stormed out of our room not wanting to look at his stunned face anymore. I loved him but boy did he frustrate me.
“Pais…?” I didn’t even spare a glance at the concerned Jin, who happened to be in my path of rage. He leaves me alone in this huge house for almost a month, and then comes back only to accuse me once again of cheating on him. I storm out of the dorm, slamming the door behind me. The cold hit me and I realized I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That was pretty stupid of you Paisley. It’s 40 degrees and you have nothing to keep yourself warm. I begin to regret storming out until I remembered what Tae had said. Screw the cold. I started walking down the sidewalk trying to keep warm. My legs were sore, but the cold numbed the slight pain. Maybe a nice run will clear my mind, and keep my body a manageable temperature. After warming up with a light jog, I took off running. I never liked running, mainly because of my bad asthma, but looking past the part of not being able to breath, running wasn’t all that bad. I felt my lungs start to burn and decided I should probably stop. My feet weren’t too happy either. I don’t like wearing shoes, but even I knew it was stupid to run barefoot on concrete. Oops.
“Paisley?” Did someone just say my name? I looked around as I was catching my breath. On the other side of the road I saw Derrik. What the heck? Did he live in this neighborhood?
“Derrik? Do you live in this neighborhood?” I asked waking across the street to where he was.
“No my friend does. I was just visiting him today. Didn’t think I would run into you though. Although I can’t say I’m surprised that you’re running outside, in the cold, only in a t-shirt and shorts. Not even shoes?” He let out one of his warm laughs that reminded me so much of Tae.
“I kind of got in a fight… With my boyfriend. So I just ran out. I didn’t really think about what I was wearing. Nor did I plan on running. That was more of a spur of the moment decision in an attempt to clear my mind.”
“Wow. Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to be that great of a guy if he let you run outside in that.” My eyes narrowed.
“It’s not his fault. You don’t even know him.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulder’s and my body stiffened at the unfamiliar touch. It didn’t feel right at all.
“You’re right, but I would never let a pretty girl like you, let alone my girlfriend, run out into the cold without something to keep her warm. On that note, you look really cold, and your lips are turning a bit blue. Would you like to meet my friend and warm up in his house? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” Who did this guy think he was? First he insults my boyfriend. Then he calls me pretty while continuing to insult my boyfriend. And now he wants me to join him in a complete stranger’s house? I barely even knew Derrik!
“She’ll have to pass. I’m afraid she has other plans for today. And if you would be so kind as to remove your arm from my girlfriend.” The voice behind me was unmistakable, and filled with malice.
“Oh, and I’m guessing you’re the boyfriend who let her run out in the freezing cold dressed in this.” Derrik turned around, his arm still wrapped around me. I shot Taehyung a pleading look, fear evident in my eyes.
“I may have been, but I’m not the one she’s scared of.” Derrik’s grip tightened, and my heart began to race. I just wanted to be in Tae’s arms, safe from harm.
“She’s not scared of me, right Paisley? I was just offering her a nice place to warm herself up in since you made her run away.”
“Well she declines.” I said with gritted teeth. The nerve of this guy.
“Don’t you think that’s a bit hasty of you to decide for her? She may be your girlfriend, but she still has her own free will.” I snorted.
“You say that, but you’re currently holding her hostage in you arms.” I watched his eyes widen. Got him. As he was recovering from my comment, I took the chance to free Pais from his grip and pull her into my arms. She was ice cold and shivering, both from the cold and fear. “Everything’s ok, I’m here now,” I whispered into her ear.
“You bastard. I’ll take her from you some day. You don’t deserve her.”
“You’re right, I don’t. But I will always love her and be there for her, until she doesn’t want me to anymore. And while I will die when the time comes that she wants to move on without me, I will let her go. Her happiness is what matters most to me. I certainly deserve her more than a jerk like you.” I picked up a freezing Pais before turning around and walking back home.
“Tae…” I looked down to see a tear fall down her cheek.
“Aish Jagi. Why did you have to go and run out like that. Especially without a coat and shoes. I was worried sick running around trying to find you. I felt my shirt grow damp as her tears became more frequent. I wasn’t going to forgive that jerk. I didn’t like him the moment my eyes saw him in those pictures, and my instincts were never wrong. The second I walked through the door, Jin bombarded me. As soon as he saw Pais shivering in my arms, he began barking orders at the other members. Hoseok started a fire in the fireplace, Jungkook gathered blankets, Suga plugged in the space heater, Jimin cleaned off the couch, and Namjoon began to prepare boiling water for a cup of tea. I gently laid her down on the couch, and began covering her in blankets. Satisfied, I walked into the kitchen to help with the tea. Namjoon and Jin were fighting over which tea to make. I rolled my eyes before heading to the pantry and pulling out her favorite tea, apple orchard.
“Chamomile will help calm her,” Namjoon argued.
“Ginger will warm her body up,” Jin argued back.
“She doesn’t like either of those teas.” They both gave be a blank stare. “She’s very picky with her tea, but she likes this one. Three spoons of sugar,” I added as I walked out of the kitchen. I sat on the floor by Paisley’s head, leaning my back against the couch, and brushing away the tendrils of hair on her face that had escaped from her ponytail. Her eyes cracked open, and her lips, no longer blue, grew into a soft smile. “I was so scared Jagi.” I buried my face into the couch cushion not wanting her to see my tear-brimmed eyes. I wasn’t allowing myself to cry, but the tears still surfaced. Jin delivered the steaming cup of tea, and I helped her sit up to distract myself from crying. We spent the next few hours cuddling and talking about little things. Her eyelids began to droop, announcing that it was time for bed. I lifted her off the couch and carried her to our room. I laid her in bed before getting ready to go to bed myself.
I watched Tae bustle around the room, getting ready for bed. He climbed under the covers and immediately wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me into is bare chest.
“Dream of me,” he whispered in my ear.
“No.” My blunt rejection caught him off guard completely. His arms released me, and I internally groaned from the absence of his warmth.
“Jagi… Are you still mad at me? I’m sorry… I love you so much.”
“No I’m not mad at you. I just don’t need to dream about you.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’ll be here, next to me, when I wake up.”
Ah there's Derrik, knew he'd come again sometime. Didn't exactly plan on it being the next chapter though. Theres the smut you guys wanted too ;). And of course I wanted to make it completely optional for all of my younger or non-smut fans, so they could still enjoy this chapter! Hope you guys like it!
*fans self* dear lawd almighty. that smut section. mhmmm.
I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO BE TROUBLE OMFG, WHAT AN ASS. This chapter was fantastic!! But I have a question. WHO TF TOOK THE FAKE PICTURE?!?!
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Damn that Derrick! Dude this chapter was just OOO! amazing and seriously who took that picture? ^^^^
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