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I was tagged by @KAddict, to make a playlist of at least 5 K-pop songs. The playlist has to center around a theme, but it's not your decision what that theme is. for my theme I chose to do a fit playlist, because I run a lot and I listen to kpop while running. which means I look like a complete crazy person cause I'm singing foreign words and trying dance while running. I get lots of stares but I'm past the age of giving any f*cks. so anyway this is what I run to...
i start with GOT7 - "A" because this song makes everyone smile. which is what i need because even though I run a lot I still hate doing it haha and getting started is the worst. it's impossible to stay unhappy while listening to this song so it's # 1.
ok next is Teen Top - "ah ah" next because I love to sing all the words to this song and if it is too late in the playlist I sing it while I'm thirsty and tired and it's just a mess
ok now that I've eased myself into it it's time to get down to business! pick up the pace and feel like a bad ass therefore Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang" is next.
keep up the pace with 4Minute - "Crazy"
EXO - "Overdose" this song is good to check if I'm keeping pace because they keep the double time beat going throughout the song.
BTS - "Dope" this song keeps the high energy
Monsta X - "Hero" who doesn't want to think about being a hero while running?!?! makes you feel epic!! (also if you're wondering why I didn't put the original mv for them and BTS it's because the intros were too quiet and I hate hearing myself breathing heavily while running)
Icon - "Rockstar" again good beat to keep pace
and I finish up with Teen Top - "Rocking" mostly cause TT is my bias group and they give me strength on my last bit of my run. I also think about how these boys probably practice dancing and singing though the whole song for hours I can at least run through it once haha. ok sorry for having such a long card. I talked way too much! my bad.
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I totally cant run while listening to Kpop cause I'd just start dancing. I have legitimately fallen off a treadmill because of SHINee.