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A Double Wammy
I feel like my titles are becoming super cheesy....oh well.
Day 29: Most of the anime I watch would leave me dead because I got face it, but I'm one of the most clummsiest people I have ever known. So to be practical I think I would want Uta no Prince sama to be real. I've always loved music and the idea of having the chance to go to a school where I would be able to create music with someone else sounds incredible. Plus the guys are cute so that doesn't hurt, and Haruka is an enjoyable main character, she is so adorable and she would make a great friend.
Day 30: I believe I've expressed my love for Princess Tutu before, but it is back once again because out of all the anime I would want this one to never end and continue. But despite my great live for this anime I really want it to continue because it left me on such a cliffhanger, and the manga didn't really give the best ending either and I honestly just want to see something more from it.
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Well thank you I try to post the best ^^
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