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Help me out!

I will be in Tokyo for 4 days in February and I would love to hear any suggestions about what to do there :D
Tagging a few people I saw in the Travel Japan community^^ @BrentDague @ladytanbone @NickDerpto @shanichan3

About little about me:

- I'll be staying in Shinjuku
- I am not the biggest fan of Anime (sorry!) Sanrio? YES! Studio Ghibli? YES!
- I studied Japanese for 3 years but I'm totally rusty!
- I don't want to go to Tokyo Tower. (sorry again, I'm a total party pooper!)
- I don't sleep (srsly I am ready to not sleep for 4 days just so I can go to shrines when they aren't crowded lol!)
- I really, really just like to wander. I'm happiest when I'm walking around people-watching :D

Here's a few things I'm planning on doing:

- EAT TOTORO CREAM PUFFS. (I won't admit it, but these babies might be the reason why I am going to Tokyo in the first place)
- Wander Shibuya/Harajuku late at night (it's close to my apartment :D)
- Go to the Mori Art Museum
- Go to Meiji Shrine at dawn (I hate crowds...)
- Stay at a Denny's all night drinking coffee (because I am Murakami trash)

So, any suggestions? Even if it seems really obvious, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts!

PS even if you haven't been to Tokyo and have just really wanted to visit a certain place, lemme know!
@InPlainSight Actually when I studied aborad there a few years ago the tiolets were the first thing that really made me go, wow, I'm in Japan now haha!
Go to the fish market! It's open really early. Of course, you have to like raw fish:),31489,1897812_1897772_1897703,00.html
I heard theyre opening a new pokemon center in kyoto soon that I totally want to go to! my coworker might kill me if I dont go see the gundam so yeah I'll definitly add that!!!
I'm sure if the worlds first Pokemon gym will be open yet. But Japan is building it because Pokemon go is coming soon @caricakes
You should go to driver city and the gundam statue and everything else there. I heard that's a pretty popular place to go @caricakes
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