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They made it, our portal to the anime world!
Sorry in blowing up the anime world dream. Sadly I will have to take a break from constant anime binging to do a ton of class work for a couple weeks so I just want to show my love and passion for my dreams and reality I live for!! I will still be on vingle like crazy during breaks but otherwise it'll be hard to binge watch my average 20+ episodes a day 馃槶 wish me a fast catch up with all my class work NAKAMA!! And long live anime. Anime is life. And keep supporting our love NAKAMA. NAKAMA 4 life!! Each and every one of YOU!!! 馃憜
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all of them even the ones I hate.
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Except free
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fairy tail. but I wouldn't want to visit all of them because there are so many where, let's be honest, we would all die almost immediately
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Elfen Lied
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