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Every Year, BTS Watching VIXX is So Great

2016 Seoul Music Awards (Full version!!)

Ultimate VIXX fanboy got himself in the front row again :)

This is what he was watching :)

2015 Seoul Music Awards

Last year, he showed off just how he impressed he was , too

You can also see all of BTS rocking out to Chained Up at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards here :)

Other various moments of VIXX + BTS at the Seoul Gayos!

I 100% without a doubt support this fanboying // friendship!!!!

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I wanted to spazz at just seeing V smiling happy face wtf lol I spazz when suga dance along also
2 years agoReply
I love RAVI ALSO BAE!! I'll chain him up and make him scream with pleasure (TTATT) until I wake up to reality and I'm just staring at him in a concert In phone that just a picture that isn't even my phone I'm just looking at someone else phone over their shoulder because that how far away I am from him (TTATT)
2 years agoReply
Even Bts Oppa's are St鈽唕lights it's so adorable watching V fanboy over my favorite group he is just to much for me I fangirled over his fanboying
a year agoReply
All these videos have been removed for copy right I can't see any of them 馃槙
a year agoReply