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Here is a live discussion card for the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Anyone is welcome to join the party!
Are all my basketball fans ready to join in on one of the biggest regular (and possible finals matchup) season game of the year?
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There's no way they'll top the Warriors in a finals rematch
@KyleBerke Personally for me, I feel like the Spurs will top the Warriors in the Western Conference.
This is a garbage game. But I guess the least the Cavaliers could do for the fans that went all the way to the game through the blistering cold is to give it all they've got and hit the triple digit mark. They are currently trailing 126-90.
Hmm I don't know which one I prefer between the two. I probably dislike the Spurs slightly more because of all the times they've eliminated the Suns from the playoffs.
@KyleBerke Haha I feel ya bro. But you're right. If the Warriors and Cavs face off in the finals, it's going to be pretty one-sided.