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So whenever I first get into a group, there are often members that I keep getting mixed up or that I think look similar.

Cut to a month later when I am waist-deep in the fandom and I look back and think WHAT WAS I THINKING?! HOW COULD THEY LOOK ALIKE!?

Recently, it was DK and Wonwoo from Seventeen.

Now I can totally tell them apart, but in the beginning there were so many members and they honestly weren't my favs so I didnt really pay attention, and I often got them confused.
Now I feel very, very silly and a bit ashamed cause I am SO into Seventeen XD

However, I still get Yuri and Yoona mixed up sometimes!

I can tell them apart but it takes my brain a few seconds to compute (its like my friends who are identical twins...I know there is a difference but my brain has to process it...)

Who did you mix up, or still mix up?!

I think this is something all EXO-Ls went through, but I always mistaked Sehun and Luhan. It took me an entire week to tell them apart! That's the longest time I could differentiate group members. Usually it takes me like a minute (no kidding).
Taeyeon and Jessica
When I 1st started listening to BTS, I could not for the life of me tell apart Jungkook, YoonGi, Jin and Tae. Now I look back and all I can think is "wtf was your problem? They look NOTHING alike!"
When I first started listening to Girls Generation, I couldn't tell Jessica and Taeyeon apart. In the "Gee" music video, I had no clue which was which.
For me, I'm still having trouble with BTS V and Jimin. I have to really focus to tell them apart.
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