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So whenever I first get into a group, there are often members that I keep getting mixed up or that I think look similar.

Cut to a month later when I am waist-deep in the fandom and I look back and think WHAT WAS I THINKING?! HOW COULD THEY LOOK ALIKE!?

Recently, it was DK and Wonwoo from Seventeen.

Now I can totally tell them apart, but in the beginning there were so many members and they honestly weren't my favs so I didnt really pay attention, and I often got them confused.
Now I feel very, very silly and a bit ashamed cause I am SO into Seventeen XD

However, I still get Yuri and Yoona mixed up sometimes!

I can tell them apart but it takes my brain a few seconds to compute (its like my friends who are identical twins...I know there is a difference but my brain has to process it...)

Who did you mix up, or still mix up?!

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oh my gosh... V and Jungkook... Made me go crazy trying to tell them apart.... But now I'm fine! Totally an ARMY!!
in bap's first mv, i thought there were only 5 people because i thought himchan and jonup were the same person XD
ohmygod I got Jimin and Jin mixed up when I got into BTS. and Youngjae and Yugyeom at first hahaha
I don't know if anyone here is a ss501 fan but I used to mix members Park Jung min and Kim kyu jong up all the time. But I'm better at telling apart kpop members now.
my sister who I am slowly trying to get into kpop thinks everyone looks alike but strangely she recognizes Daesung from Big Bang and the only reason is because oh his lips. She loves his lips. For me, I still can't tell the difference between V and jungkook maybe because they are so adorable.