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Charpedia put together another reader poll....this time....choosing which girl in an anime looks prettiest in a ponytail!

Total vote:

20. Sailor Moon's Sailor Jupiter
19. Hukuoki's Chizuru Yukimura
18. Baka and Test's Minami Shimada
17. Gintama's Kyuubei Yagyuu
16. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou's Nanami Aoyama
15. Attack on Titan's Sasha Braus
14. Assassination Classroom's Touka Yada
13. A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun's Kaori Kanzaki
12. The iDOLM@STER's Hibiki Ganaha
11. IS: Infinite Stratos' Houki Shinonono
10. Sword Art Online's Leafa
9. YuruYuri's Ayano Sugiura
8. Free!'s Gou Matsuoka
7. Monogatari's Hitagi Senjougahara
6. K-On!'s Ui Hirasawa
5. Gintama's Tae Shimura
4. Haruhi Suzumiya

3. Madoka Magica's Kyouko Sakura

2. Working!!'s Popura Taneshima

1. Love Live! Eli Ayase

(+10 gifs of Eli BECAUSE I LOVE HER!!!)
Male Voters:
10. Sword Art Online's Leafa
9. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou's Nanami Aoyama
8. Monogatari's Hitagi Senjougahara
7. Yuru Yuri's Ayano Sugiura
6. IS: Infinite Stratos' Houki Shinonono
5. K-On!'s Ui Hirasawa
4. Madoka Magica's Kyouko Sakura
3. Working!!'s Popura Taneshima
2. Haruhi
1. Love Live!'s Eri Ayase
Female Voters:
10. K-On!'s Ui Hirasawa
9. Hakuoki's Yukimura Chizuru's
8. Attack on Titan's Potato Girl
7. Assassination Classroom's Touka Yada
6. Gintama's Kyuubei Yagyuu
5. Madok Magica's Kyoko
4. Free!'s Gou Matsuoka
3. Gintama's Tae Shimura
2. Love Live's Eri Ayase
1. Working!!'s Popura Taneshima

I definitely agree with the #1 on this list, but what about you all? Do you agree with the list?

hmm, now that I think about it, I honestly wouldn't know who to pick for best in a ponytail. Ino from Naruto would probably wind up on the list somewhere
If you did a list of that hair style I would have a bettwr opinion lol
@hikaymm I honestly cant say because my favorite anime girl hair style is the twin tail look, and my two favorite girls are #2 Nymph and #1 Kurumi from D.A.L.