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Aww Kitty <3. =w=
i saw this and thought it was shooo kawaiiii~! c'x
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@syairah12 LOL i would too. (x
4 years ago·Reply
@KDramaFreak..lol.. and I might screaming and jumping at the same time..lol..
4 years ago·Reply
@syairah12 Lol, I'd be like 'shit cat! you scared the heck outta me!' LOL. dat happened before o-o' lol
4 years ago·Reply
@KDramaFreak...hahahaa...oh man,..you're right!! thumbs up..me too...I will said like that too if I see that cat doing something like that in the middle of night..hahahaaa...you're so funny...WHAT!! that had happened before..lol...I can imagine your reaction at that moment..hahahaa...lol..
4 years ago·Reply
@syairah Bwhahaha yeaahh (x lol ur funny too xD.
4 years ago·Reply