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JLaw attended "The Great Gatsby" premiere on Wednesday night and made a low-key entrance into the film's afterparty at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. In another move to fly under the radar, Lawrence, 22, wore no makeup despite dressing up in cocktail attire. Lawrence donned a black Viktor + Rolf dress, Valentino clutch, and pulled her new short hair loosely back, putting her bare face on display. cr:justjared/yomg
I'm pretty sure that even more now we all probably want to be Jlaw, right? haha!
@shoenami Will do, sis. (^_^)
@YinofYang let us know when you've seen it love ~~
@ennairamaleuzer @shoenami Oh, my god. I haven't seen it yet, but I have heard the praises. I've also seen a scene from there that was beautiful. I'm going to go hunt for it.
@YinofYang @ennairamaleuzer I was also mesmerized by her in Silver linings! It's great that she's there to remind us not all of Young Hollywood is trashy
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