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For the past 3 weeks I've been doing ft manga reviews so I've decided to just create a collection for the reviews and continue to do them!! Anyway let's talk! What do you think!?!?!?

You've seen this warning!!

Actually on the last chapter after seeing Natsu collapsed I kind of figured that Lucy would react this way as well as Happy .... But I never would've thought that Natsu has a serious tumor..

This has concerned me because the tumor has be shrunken thanks to Brandish...but it's not completely gone...will it grow bigger again as Natsu uses his magic??? What exactly do you think about Natsu's tumor???

I've liked Brandish right away when she shrunk that island and now saving Natsu...some of you probably thought that she was horrible then some thought that she was awesome !! What was your first opinion of her and what do you think now?

Personally I think brandish is lying...I think she does want to be Lucy's friend now!!! Who knows maybe when this arc is over Brandish may become a Fairy Tail Guild member!! I honestly think Brandish may help out fairy tail during the war! But that's my opinion what do you guys think?

Last but not least Aquarius, I called it! I knew she was going to tell Lucy to search for her key!!! I just wonder...what kind of person has her key now?? Is it the enemy? What do you guys think?

Can't wait till they reunite and Lucy gets her key again!!

I can't wait to see how Lucy,Natsu,Gray and Erza will do in the war!! I also can't wait for the others reactions when they hear about Natsu being the brother of zeref and being brought back to life!!

What did you think about this chapter??? Did you like it? What were your opinions on it? What do you think the next chapter will be about??

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@MalcolmAllen but since its anti-etherano if it grew over time then he should have been effected this entire time by it destroying him
@randysqwishy23 the anti particles automatically came and formed the tumor after getting overheated with magic that seems to be the case....it is a manga.....& it is a little different from real life the way it was the tumor formed and was put into effect automatically unlike a real tumor
@tayhar18920 i figured xp I'm kinda just hoping for a cool reason to come out xp
......maybe the only one....but....................Lucy totally love Natsu (Nalu shipper here) ...........and Aquarius's key is going to be taken (theory) by someone and Lucy blah blah blah ....yeah
I don't know how to even feel when they said E.N.D was Etherious Natsu Dragneel