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Mila edged out the likes of Rihanna (No. 2), Kate Upton (No. 8), Kaley Cuoco (No. 6), Katy Perry (No. 16), and Taylor Swift (No. 12) for the title. This isn't the first time Kunis has been recognized for her sex appeal. In 2012, Esquire named her "The Sexiest Woman Alive."
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kunis' a cool cat.
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Mila Kunis has come a long way from where she was. She's worked hard and done an excellent job along the way.
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and now, here she is! at the top :) she deserves it
5 years ago·Reply
@blairwitme You got that right, sis.
5 years ago·Reply
@Yinofyang I don't know anything about her before she shot into full fame except that she voiced Meg in Family Guy..?
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