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Hate sit-ups? Yeah, me too. These twists are far more effective anyway! You can either use a ball or plate - it's up to you.

1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the plate/ball directly in front of you.
2) While holding the plate/ball, your elbows should be bent and close to your sides.
3) Twist your torso side-to-side, until the plate/ball has reached your hip. Keep your lower body still.
Tips: You want to the twists slowly and with control. Speed ≠ efficiency.
If you have any additional tips for this exercise, please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this card and tag you in it. :)
Yeah, I thought about that ball you have! lol. Yeah, the exercise is easy to learn and it's super effective @jordanhamilton
@jordanhamilton for awesome abs ;)
Also, if you want to challenge yourself, sit with your back to the wall and use a medicine ball instead!
oh yeah! I can use that ball too. def going to do this.
Oh wow! I definitely have one of those balls and this looks fairly easy. I'm definitely going to start doing this while I watch tv sometimes. thanks for tagging me :)