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Right by where I live is a place called Beyond Sushi- where you can find this wonderful work of art. Beyond Sushi is completely vegan, often substituting the raw fish for fruit and white rice for black rice. It has become my go to food: cheap, healthy, delicious, and pretty. Sometimes it's a little too pretty to eat...
i would love to try this. it's unfortunate that I live soooo far away.
dang, that looks really tasty!
@SabeenM I have been trying to go vegetarian for a while now too but its so hard, i think its easier to only eat fish first and then eventually cut out fish- thats what some of my friends told me. you should tell me how it goes, and we can give each other the inspiration we desperately need lol
@zaneh I thought so too! Until I found this place. I've been trying to go vegetarian but failing miserably. Hopefully it'll be easier once I find more places like this.
wow, i always thought that vegan food would be kinda nasty but this looks delish! makes me reconsider going vegan :)