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These are some of the things here!
Ramune a carbonated soft drink sold originally in japan. It has a unique design and a variety of flavors.
I was originally going to buy 2 but because am weak I bought all of these. Flavors from left to right: Strawberry/Mystery/Strawberry Hello kitty/Blueberry/Raspberry/Watermelon.
Mango Cream soda. Am hoping it has a cream like texture but with a soda taste.
So for now I put them in my mom's China cabnet. Once am done drinking them I will keep the bottle and put them there again. My mom asked why I put them there and I said because am savage :] then my sister said what? and I said YOLO!!! :) My dad just gave me one of these o__o
{Am thinking of trying all the ramune flavors and collecting the bottles} What do you think of ramune and cream soda? Have you tasted it before? Do you like it? Is there a limited flavor or a flavor you want to try? Do you like a specific drink or candy you have/want to try? let me know in the comments!
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I love ramune and the mango creamy soda is delicious, I've had it once and I'm still trying to fund where to buy them in Utah because I can't find then at the Asian markets we have here, when I found it, it was from a ramen food truck.