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I love my Kpop and K-hiphop....but I've fallen for this band. They've got this Black Keys type vibe doing that whole old school meets new school Rhythm and Blues Rock & Roll. I featured them in my Top 5 of 2015 ←_←linked it right thurrr if you wanna check that out. Their EP, Who Am I, is awesome. If you like their sound, show them support and check it out!
@aabxo let me know what you think! And also....do you wanna be Beavis or Butthead? (´ヮ`)
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I can dig it. lol I loved the melody. Dude can play Anddddddd i think I'll be Beavis 😂 Is there even a good choice between them? lololol
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LMFAO they're both terrible choices but I'M ALWAYS BUTTHEAD @aabxo
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